Where Are They Now

Wisconsin Governor’s Business Plan Contest finalists have collectively raised $200 million in angel, venture, grants and venture debt over time. Based on a 2012 survey, 77 percent of finalists were still in business. These finalists are staying in business much longer than normal when compared to U.S. startup rates – and they are creating jobs!

We caught up with some of the past finalists and winners to see where they are now:

  • Vector Surgical (Janet Phillips, 2007): Reports customers in all 50 states and internationally.
  • RevolutionEHR (Scott Jens, 2007): Employs 70 people and reports $5.5 million in annual revenue. A San Francisco investor recently bought a majority stake in the company.
  • BioSystem Development (Scott Fulton, 2004): Acquired by Agilent Technologies about three years ago.
  • Nerites (Adam Bock, 2004): Acquired for $20 million by Kensey Nash Corp. in 2011. Honored by Nature magazine in 2007 for one of the year’s top 100 scientific developments.
  • Eso-Technologies (Bonnie Reinke, 2009): Completed U.S. and international patent application, as well as two successful FDA applications. Beginning next clinical trial with VA-Milwaukee.
  • MobCraft Beer (Henry Schwartz, 2014): Reached revenue positive, secured more than $350K in financing and has more than 80 retail accounts. Featured on the nationally-televised PBS Show “Startup.”
  • Rowheels (Rimas Buinevicius, 2012): Currently manufacturing in collaboration with Saris and demonstrating the product at various trade events and seating clinics around the U.S. The product is scheduled to go into various research facilities to be studied and prove the efficiency of the pull motion.

Additional contest “graduates” include AquaMost, Elucent Medical, Find My Spot, Green 3, Imbed Biosciences, Kiio, My Health Direct, NitricGen, NovaScan, Organic Research Corp., Phyllotech, Platypus, Sector 67, Whole Trees, WiRover and scores of others. Check back for more updates!


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