WisBusiness: Startup scene in Milwaukee gaining diversity

WisBusiness: Startup scene in Milwaukee gaining diversity

Milwaukee’s startup and tech community is steadily becoming more diverse as people from various backgrounds find their place in the metro area’s evolving economy.

That’s according to Elmer Moore Jr., executive director of Scale Up Milwaukee, an organization working to foster growth in the area’s business ecosystem. Since moving to Wisconsin in 2013, he says he’s seen some major changes.

“There was a time that you’d go into a room where the conversation was around entrepreneurship, startups or tech, and that room was… the friendly way to say it is homogenous,” Moore said in a recent interview.

Moore, an African American, says these conversations were dominated by men who looked, dressed and spoke the same. But over time, more new voices from different cultures have been introduced.

“We’re starting to see that room diversify,” he said. “Diversity is a function of really capitalizing on different backgrounds and ideas to make better companies, better businesses and better innovation, frankly.” Read the full story here.