MKE Startup News: HeyGov helps municipalities modernize

MKE Startup News: HeyGov helps municipalities modernize

Serial entrepreneur, Dustin Overbeck, got the idea for his company, HeyGov when he was struggling to receive payments from government municipalities in the early days of the pandemic.

Overbeck is also the owner of Town Web Design, a company that creates websites for small municipalities across the country. Founded in 2007, the design company has one of the largest local government client bases in the nation. Over the years, Overbeck adapted to his clients’ reliance on paper-based procedures and paper-check transactions.

That is, until his clients were no longer able to access the physical records they relied upon to conduct business.

“For two months we (Town Web Design) had zero cash flow because 99.9% of our customers were municipalities and they physically could not have a quorum. They weren’t having meetings. They need two people to sign off on those checks. And so, our cash flow went to near nothing until people were able to finally meet and then actually physically cut those checks,” Overbeck recalled.

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